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Oasis, a Safe House for Women with
Learning Disabilities and their children
Why Specialist Services for Parents with Learning Disabilities?

Worldwide research suggests that 40-60% of parents with learning disabilities lose
their children and , that children of parents with learning disability are
more likely
than any other group of children to be removed from their parent’s care.

Research tells us that parents with learning disability are often affected by poverty,
social exclusion, problems with mental health, literacy and communication
                       Bristol University

In addition, disabled women are twice as likely as non-disabled women to
experience domestic violence.  They are more likely to experience abuse over a
longer period of time and to suffer severe injuries as a result of violence.
Women with learning disabilities (and their children) are more likely to be sexually
exploited,  and forced into marriage and relationships they do not (or cannot)
consent to.

At Oasis, OneOneCoCo provides an intensive supported housing service that
safeguards women with learning disabilities and their children who are at risk of or
fleeing abuse.  Intensive support is provided to:

  • Develop parenting skills
  • Develop daily living skills
  • Enhance awareness of potential risk in relationships
  • Develop and embed safety awareness and strategies
  • Develop sexual health awareness
  • Safety Planning
  • Develop resilience
  • overcome the effects of abuse

Oasis House also supports women with learning disabilities who are pregnant.  
Where it is identified that a woman may need some support in preparing for  her
new baby, and to live in a safe environment.  More information about our PreBirth
service can be found

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