Parenting Assessment Tools
Graded Care Profile
The GCP is utilised where there are concerns of neglect and assists in assessing
how the child's needs are being met and indentifying specific areas of need and
whether there are changes during the assessment period.  The tool gives an
objective measure of the quality of care in terms of a parent/carer’s commitment.
The quality of care, both negative and positive, is measured across 4 different
domains of a child’s needs - Physical, Safety, Love and Esteem .  We use the GCP
in all assessment and support settings.

Parenting Observations
Day to day parenting observations are undertaken throughout the duration of the
assessment; daily records are maintained to inform the assessment of parenting
capacity and will include observations made generally, as well as during workshops,
and other sessions.  Observations will include parenting strength, skills
development and deficit. Parents have the opportunity throughout the assessment
to view and contribute to the record.

Home Inventory
The home inventory is used to assess the quality of parenting and the child's
environment.  The tool enables a child-centred, evidence based assessment of the
child’s world.  We use this tool in community, and resettlement support service.

Coping Plans and Strategies
Our work with parents with mental health problems that impact their parenting
capacity is aligned with the recovery approach.  The assessment will consider and
make recommendations relating to the parents capacity to parent long term.  This
includes the building of parenting resilience and acknowledges that there may be
ups and downs in one’s health.  A child-centred approach requires that such ups
and downs are not to the detriment of the child’s safety, development, and well
being and our coping plans work aims to develop and assess, with children and
their parents, an organised system of informal and formal support, as well as
‘support’ plans that kick in to action when needed.  This requires the
acknowledgement of parenting difficulties by the parent and commitment of
support networks.
For parents with learning disabilities the presence of effective and appropriate
support is often critical to effective parenting.  
Where possible and appropriate, we would aim to provide a resettlement and
support service following a residential or day assessment to support the
transference of learned skills in the home environment.

Parental stress index
The PSI assists in the identification of stressful areas in the parent-child interaction
using parent and child scales.  The outcomes of the PSI screening informs the
focus of stress workshops and Video Interview guiding and coping skills

Parenting Assessment Manual
Dr Sue McGraw’s PAM is an accessible, pictorial skills assessment and screening
tool that usefully complements the DOH Assessment of Children in need and their
families when working with parents who have learning disabilities, the use of a PAM
booklet benefits those who use or prefer pictures and simpler language.
The assessment and additional support will be undertaken with consideration to
parents’ learning style and capacity.
Assessment and Support
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