Working with Children
OneOneCoco will aim to work with the children of the family in a way that fits with
their age and understanding. Working with children, directly and indirectly, we
assess the impact parenting difficulties have had on the child and the relationships
between parent and each child in the family.  

Story Stem

Story Stem is a child-focused and enjoyable assessment method involving the
presentation to children of different family scenarios that begin a story; using
human and animal figures, the child is invited to complete the stories in the way
they choose allowing the assessment of the child’s expectations and perceptions of
family roles.  The assessment profile is compared with maltreated and non-
maltreated norms.     Story Stem assists in  assessing the impact of parenting
difficulties and/or past abuse on the child.  

In My Shoes

In My Shoes is a client-centred computer-based communication tool which we use
with children and vulnerable adults.  The tool facilitates communication about past
experiences and to support their participation in reviews and meetings.
Assessment and Support
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