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Community Assessment
We deliver community based parenting assessments within the Greater London
area in either the family home or other agreed location.  

OneOneCoCo's community assessments offer specialist assessment in complex
cases particularly where learning disability and/or mental health is a factor.  

The Community Assessment is undertaken in accordance with the DOH Framework
for Assessment of Children in Need and their families and, and  which, depending
on the particular needs of the caregiver/parent, may be complemented by other

The community Assessment results in a comprehensive high quality assessment
report that includes:

  • Attachment Assessment
  • Risk Assessment
  • Parent and child interaction
  • Parenting observation and monitoring of practical parenting skills
  • Parenting Skills development and assessment
  • Assessment of the ability to protect
  • Assessment of motivation and potential to improve parenting
  • Recommendations

Community assessments are undertaken by our experienced, multi-disciplinary
team and are suited to families who do not need a  full residential / 24 hour
assessment.  The duration of the assessment is agreed at the outset and is
typically 6-12 weeks, depending on the needs of the family.
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