Family Therapy
Family Therapy
Family therapy sessions are available on a group and individual basis and can
support resolution of family difficulties as well as contribute to the assessment
whilst supporting change in families and individuals.

Our family therapist assists families to find constructive ways to deal with abuse or
parenting issues and exploring ways forward.  The outcomes of therapy assist in
the understanding the potential and time-scales for change.

Multi-Family Therapy
Multi family therapy sessions are organised to combine the benefits of group work
with the systemic focus of family therapy by supporting families experiencing
similar issues such as mental health needs, traumatic experiences, and parenting
difficulties, to share their experiences and create additional support networks, and
increase empowerment and commitment to change.

Play Therapy
Play is a natural form of expression for children and we use this to help children
sort and communicate muddled feelings and upsetting events.  We build on this to
assist parents in developing ways in which they are able to relate to their child
using child-centred techniques.  Filial therapy can be delivered in an individual or
group setting and assists parents in developing parenting confidence,
understanding their child’s needs and worries, learn new ways to deal with family
difficulties.  Video Interaction Guide is used with filial therapy to help parents reflect
on progress, what is and is not working.  Filial therapy is used in family assessment
centre during residential and day assessments when working with children who are
three years’ old or more.
Assessment and Support
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