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Resettlement and Support
The One-One-CoCo resettlement and support service is suited to:

•        Families that have recently completed residential assessment
•        Families where the child is deemed to be in need
•        Families that need longer term support

The level and nature of support is determined by the needs of the family, and
results in quarterly support reports that include family information and updates on
the following areas:

•        access to and maintenance of adequate housing
•        Child/ren development and education
•        The further development of parenting and life-skills
•        Access to welfare and benefit support
•        Development of formal and informal support networks
•        Graded Care Profile assessment
•        Family check reports
•        Home Inventory

The resettlement and support service is provided for 6 – 12 months and will
typically be delivered over 30 hours per week.

We aim to step down our involvement with families over time as identified risks and
needs reduce.
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