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OneOneCoCo specialises in working with families where parents are very young,
and/or where learning disability or mental ill-health may impact parenting capacity.  

We also work with young women and girls who are vulnerable to exploitation, are in early pregnancy, and women and girls with learning difficulties and or mental health needs.  We undertake our work with a supportive approach that is individualised
and multi-dimensional.

Our services feature supportive and goal focused elements to enable us to gauge
progress of development and to ensure we are able to meet the identified aims for
each person and family we work with

We currently offer:

Supervised Semi Independent Accommodation
OneOneCoCo provides a service for young women and girls who are vulnerable to exploitation and require an intensive semi-independent service to promote independence, safety and recovery.

Residential Assessment
OneOneCoCo offers flexible comprehensive residential family assessments with an approach tailored to each family’s needs.

Residential Support
OneOneCoco offers comprehensive, bespoke support to very young parents and parents-to-be to provide parenting support, skills development and to promote the safety and well being of their children.
intensive semi-independent accommodation.

Community Assessment
for families that do not require 24 hour monitoring and where a community or home-
based assessment is appropriate.

Pre-Birth risk Assessment
OneOneCoCo is able to provide pre-birth risk assessment within a residential,
community or day setting.

More information on our various assessment models can be found by clicking
through the links on the right-hand panel.

The provision of quality family risk assessment and reports assist family courts,
parents and practitioners in deciding on the best outcomes for children.  

Our approach includes assessment of whole families and —

  • how parenting difficulties impact on the development, safety and well being of
    each child of the family

  • the motivation for and potential change

  • the strength of parenting commitment, including ability to protect, possibility of
    change within the child's time-frame

  • the existence or absence of critical support availability

  • the potential for sustained positive parenting.

The Framework for Assessment of Children in Need and their Families (DOH 2000)
forms the basis of our assessments and is complemented by additional evidence
based assessment methodologies, the implementation of which is determined
following a viability assessment and consideration of referral questions.

We deliver parenting assessments in range of settings, using a multi-disciplinary,
family-centred approach.  

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