Viability Assessment
All our comprehensive assessments are preceded by a Viability Assessment and
report.  As with all of our assessments, a flexible approach is taken to ensure that
the viability assessment is undertaken in the most appropriate and efficient way.  
Please see an example of the type of family viability assessments that we can deliver:

  • Paper based viability assessment which is generally suited to matters involving
    care proceedings and where there is a question as to whether a further
    assessment is appropriate.

  • Community based viability assessment to discover more information about
    family life and functioning and ascertain whether further assessment is
    appropriate and recommend the format of that assessment.

  • Day Assessment will normally precede a residential assessment and will assist
    in determining the likelihood of 'successful' assessment, including the family's
    commitment to engage in a further assessment.

  • Residential viability assessment may be undertaken in particularly complex
    cases to confirm whether a further residential period is appropriate, to inform
    the structure of assessment and to produce an initial risk report.
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