Many of the workshops delivered at One-One-CoCo are interlinked and focus on
the development parenting capacity in a rounded and sustainable way, the child’s
needs being paramount throughout.  Workshops focus on developing and
strengthening parenting skills and may be carried out with a group or individual
family members.  The type of workshop for each family may differ and respond to
the needs identified in the placement and care plans.

Our babycues sessions provide learning and support to parents to understand
what their baby is saying to them and then to respond appropriately.  It involves
the identification of subtle cues to enable parents to alter their behaviour

Baby Massage
Baby massage has undisputed benefits in the development of parent and child
attachment and awareness of a child’s growth and development and originates in
Asian and Caribbean cultures.  Baby massage sessions are delivered in a group and
individual setting and across all assessment and support settings.  The sessions
enable parents to develop confidence in handling their baby, develops feelings of
love, respect and security and facilitates relaxed interaction.

Stress Management & Relaxation
These workshop sessions are linked to the completion of the parenting stress
index and supports the development of stressor identification, negative stress
reduction and relaxation techniques.

Problem Solving
Social Problem solving assessment is incorporated within the psychological
assessment and then contributes to regular workshops that assist parents to
understand problems, obstacles, balance options and consequences, and set
goals; the approach enables the ability to address problems rather than avoid
them, as well as empowered problem management as opposed to impulsiveness
and frustration.

Baby Care
Baby care sessions are focused and practical sessions that are linked to the graded
care profile. Individual sessions include the use of video to build upon positive
interaction around emotional warmth, boundaries, stimulation, development and
stability.  Group sessions include changing, bathing, feeding, play and child
development.  The sessions also involve guidance and monitoring by a health

Self care sessions link with baby care, healthy lifestyle and healthy relationship
workshops.  The session enables parents to better understand the relationships
between each area and how they impact on the child whilst embedding self care
practice and standards for parents.

Budgeting over Periods
This workshop is linked with problem solving and coping strategy workshops.  It
aims to develop parents’ ability to prioritise and plan on a day, weekly and monthly
basis, using appropriate budgeting strategies and tools

Healthy Lifestyles
Healthy lifestyle workshops include a family focus on healthy food and meal
planning, building exercise into the day, and healthy choices.

Healthy relationships
Healthy relationships workshops directly contribute to the assessment and
reinforces a parent’s responsibilities in protecting their children from unsafe
relationships.  Workshops outcomes are an indicator of the parent’s ability to put
their child’s needs before their own.  The workshop explores choosing good
relationships, healthy decisions in relationships, enables empowerment and
assertiveness skills needed to protect children and where / how to tap into support
when there are concerns.
Assessment and Support
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